Covid-19 Vaccination Exemption Passport

The bearer of this passport, whether child or adult, is exempt from Covid-19 vaccinations and vaccinations of every kind forever.

Any parent who forces a vaccination upon their children will face the death of their soul in God’s Judgment occurring now. Matthew 10:28

The bearer of this passport is exempt from the wearing of masks.

The bearer of this passport is exempt from the prohibition of gathering with others.

The bearer of this passport is exempt from the prohibition of travel by road, rail, sea, and air.

Every individual whether parents, politicians, police, military, doctors, nurses, or owners, shareholders, or employees of corporations, everybody is in the Judgment of God, Yahweh-Jesus Brian Leonard Golightly-Marshall.

The penalty for the individuals stated above, using coercion by adults over children, or threats of unemployment, withholding payment, preventing entry, preventing travel, or withholding the sale of goods and services to the bearer of this passport, is death to the body and soul. Matthew 10:28

Vatican III article 35 states: “One’s body is the tabernacle of God, Jesus, which is the glory of God within you and a person’s body must be respected by self and in so doing will maintain spiritually and physically the Tabernacle made in the image of God.” [VIII]

Vatican III article 40 states: “……it is understood that it will be of dire consequences for those apostates that secretly and covertly do works of the devil….” John 8:44 [VIII]

Vatican III article 45 states: “There will be no vaccinations”. [VIII]

Yahweh-Jesus Brian Leonard Golightly-Marshall





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